Learn how to use COMAPI SMS with Zapier


Our SMS can now be used with Zapier to quickly add SMS messaging, phone number validation and One Time Codes to any existing system using their powerful and easy to use system.

What can I do?

The following triggers are available on Zapier to start a Zap:

  • Receive an SMS
  • Receive a receipt for an SMS send


Let us know!

The Zapier triggers will only work for you once we have enabled polling support for your username. Please email us and let us know you want to use Zapier for inbounds and we'll enable you.

The following actions are available to add messaging to your Zapier automations:

  • Send a SMS
  • Send a One Time Code
  • Validate a One Time Code
  • Validate a mobile number

Getting Started

To get started please do the following:

  • Sign up to Zapier, its free to try!
  • Click here and accept the invite to use Comapi on Zapier
  • Add a new Zap
  • Pick a trigger source of your choosing e.g. Comapi, Trello, HubSpot etc..., adding a new card
  • Pick Comapi or another system for the action app
  • Choose your specific action e.g. Send SMS message
  • Fill out the fields
  • Test

That's it, please let use know how you get on.



Please ensure your account has been enabled for inbounds using the instructions above and your have a pending inbound SMS before testing.


Comapi SMS triggers being used in Zapier with Comapi actions