What we do

We are a secure enterprise cloud communications platform specialising in messaging. We provide programmable messaging APIs to send messages from your systems or applications. You can send to any messaging or notification channel like SMS, Facebook Messenger, in-app messaging or push notifications. To enable business to use the messaging channels without integrations, we provides a portfolio of powerful live chat, conversational commerce and broadcasting tools to help you engage your audience.


The Enterprise Communications API

Send messages to any enabled messaging channel to achieve your goals through one simple API.

The world of communications is constantly evolving with new applications and channels becoming available in a blink of an eye. It is unreasonable to expect any company can evolve and develop connections to those channels at the same rate of change, and if you use the Enterprise Communications API you won't have to, as it evolves for you!

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Supported Channels


Send and receive SMS globally, with support for delivery receipts and high volume batch submissions.

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Facebook Messenger

Send messages via Facebook Messenger and reach an audience of over 1 billion monthly active users.

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Push / App Messaging

Our App messaging SDKs allow you to either create simple integrations to support native push into your apps using the user identification scheme of your choice, or full 2 way messaging solutions.

App messaging allows you to build secure messaging and chat services into your native and web applications. Use App messaging for P2P chat, B2C chat or A2P messaging for alerts reminders and notifications.

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Integrate our chat widget quickly and easily into your websites to allow real-time webchat.

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Custom Channels

If we don’t have it covered or you want to use existing suppliers you can use our custom channel to call your existing providers API or call any other communication channel. Total flexibility without the hassle of changing.

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Inbox is a complete platform for engaging and communicating to your customers via any mobile or native application. Inbox gives you the power to send rich HTML content and push notifications into apps.

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Branch works in conjunction with the Enterprise Communications API and lets you set rules to prioritise the order of channels in which a message to a customer can be sent. Branch will work through these channels in priority order trying to find the best channel in order to send your message automatically.

Here’s an example…

Try to send the message to a user who has my app first , if they are not an app user send the message to Facebook Messenger, if I can’t reach them through those channels send an SMS as my user /customer must get the message.

Branch supports any messaging channel that is currently available through the Enterprise Communications API , the most commonly used channels today are SMS, Facebook Messenger and App messaging (into your own app). As new messaging channels become available we will add them to our messaging “bench”

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Ensure customer details are accurate and protect yourself from fraud. Call our Verify API from your website or app, and leverage the customers mobile number to verify they are who they say they are, or they have entered a valid mobile number using time limited one time codes.

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