Opt Ins

Find out how we can help you obtain opt-ins and manage them

The Opt-in System

We offer an optional opt-in flag system to assist our customers with achieving GDPR compliance should you choose to use it.

The system automatically adds opt-in flags for each channel to a profile which then can be then subsequently used to stop messages from being sent to the profile unless they have opted in on a specific channel.This can assist you in ensuring that marketing messages are not sent to profiles who have not opted in to marketing communications.

Setting Opt-in Status Defaults

You can setup your default opt-in status for a profile in the portal under the My Account->Data Preferences section (highlighted in green below). In the Opt-in management section (highlighted in purple below) you simply use the toggles to indicate whether a profile is opt-in or out by default to a channel.


Setting up opt-in flag defaults for a profile

Viewing a profiles Opt-in Status

The opt-in flags can be easily viewed and updated by looking up a profile in the system as shown below and highlighted in green:


Viewing a profile opt-in flags

Updating Opt-in Flags

You can change the value of the channels update flags using a variety of methods, both manual and process driven. See below for the available methods for updating them:

Using Opt-in Rules

You can setup rules that will be run against any inbound messages received on a specific channel to either opt-in or opt-out the profile who sent the message. You can setup the rules in the portal under the My Account->Data Preferences section, in the Opt-out management section (highlighted in purple below).

Click the Add new rule button and select the channel you want to control the opt-in flag for, specify any other channel specific criteria such as the phone number an SMS is received on, and the keyword the message needs to begin with to trigger the rule. Lastly specify whether the rule opts-in or opts-out the profile.


Using Web Opt-in Forms

To make it easy for you to add opt-in points into your existing websites we have created web opt-in forms that can be easily integrated into your websites using small code snippets. The code snippets can be easily copied and pasted into your web pages and utilise iFrames to ensure our web code runs encapsulated from your web page, therefore ensuring security and compatibility.


The embedable web form for acquiring a WhatsApp opt-in

To create a web opt-in form do the following:

  1. Open the Channels -> Opt-in forms from the left hand menu in the portal
  2. Click the Add button to add a new opt-in form as highlighted below in green

Adding a new web opt-in form

  1. Pick the channel you want to create an opt-in form for from the drop down
  2. Add a meaningful description and click Next

Pick a channel and give it the form a description

  1. Fill in the Confirmation Message which will be displayed in the opt-in form, and is shown in the Preview area
  2. Fill in the Button Text which will be displayed on the button in the opt-in form and click Create

Fill in your message and button text

  1. Find your new opt-in forms section on the Opt-in Forms page using the description you entered, and click the Code button to access the HTML you need to add to your web page to include the opt-in form

Click the Code button

  1. Click the Copy Code button to copy the HTML code required to embed the opt-in form. Now either manually add this to the markup of the web page you want to include the opt-in form within, or if you use a tag manager you can deliver the code snippet using this

Grab the code and embed into your web page

  1. Test your opt-in form, and check that the opt-in flag for the channel is set for the profile associated with the telephone number / email address entered in the opt-in form



You now have a opt-in form that automatically updates your profiles opt-in flags in your website

Using Profile

You can manually set the opt-in status for a channel for a profile by:

  • Looking up the profile in the portal and updating the flags manually
  • Using the Profile service to change the values via API

Using the Opt-in Flags

The Broadcast Tool

The Broadcast tool found under the Contact menu will automatically utilise the opt-in flags. Any contacts you wish to broadcast to will only be sent to if they have the opt-in flag for that channel set.
Remember you can set the defaults for the opt-in flags to true if you are only performing non marketing messaging to avoid this if required

Using Opt-ins with the Enterprise Communications API

The Enterprise Communications API can check the state of the opt-in flags for a user prior to allowing a send if you indicate you want this check by settings the requireOptIn flag in the request. You can find out more about the Enterprise Communications APIs additional options here.