Data Preferences

How to setup and configure your data preferences as part of your GDPR strategy

The Data Preferences page gives you the ability to decide how your customer data is processed and handled in line with your GDPR policies.

Data and Messaging Retention

By default we keep your reporting data and customer data for 390 days before deleting however you have the option to either increase or decrease this amount of time. The time begins from the point where the customer profile was created (either imported in from a csv, generated from an inbound chat messages or sent a message via the API).

Data Retention: The length of time we retain your customers data before removing. This will delete all messaging history and profile information for those customers.

Message Retention We will keep your customer profile intact but will delete all messaging history associated with that customer (both inbound and outbound).


Opt Out/Opt in Management

In this section you can choose the default behaviour for opting customers in and out of certain channels. Rather than enforce opt in or opt out we are giving you the ability to decide what happens by default when a customer profile is created.


Opt Out Management: If you want to opt customers out of future messages when they send in a certain keyword you can set up a rule that looks for that keyword on a particular channel and automatically marks them as opt out of future messages from broadcast

Opt In Management: The broadcast tool features a toggle which asks "does this broadcast require profiles to be opted in to this channel".

The channel toggle on this page allows you to apply a YES or NO to this question by default when a profile is created as a result of an inbound chat message or via API.

If the channel toggle is switched off:

Profiles will be included in broadcasts where opt in is not required
Profiles will not be included in broadcasts where opt in is required

If the toggle is switched on:

Profiles will be included in all broadcasts.