This is a guide to help you setup the SMS channel.

Configuring Originators

An SMS originator is required to receive inbound SMS or to give your application a recognisable identity to your customers. You can send using our Localiser & Stitching without the need for an originator, but your pool numbers will change, so making recognising your communications more difficult for the customer.

You can send SMS from the following types of originator:




Mobile number


A mobile number in international format. These can be rented for your desired country from us

Short Code


A short numeric identifier that requires companies to register for. These can be rented for your desired country from us



String value between 2-11 characters of 0-9, a-z, A-Z, hyphen, underscore, full-stop and space

To see and configure your available originators in the Portal in the Channels -> SMS section shown below (highlighted in green):

SMS channel setupSMS channel setup

SMS channel setup

Click on the Number/Shortcodes button to view what SMS originators (senders) are assigned to your API Space which are used to send or receive SMS.


Receiving data

If you want to send inbound messages to your own systems for processing see our Webhooks documentation for more information on how to receive data from us.

Configuring URL Tracking

The tracking service, shortens URL to make them more character friendly. We then track every click based on a unique ID contained within this URL. Use the service to cut the length of your SMS and get real time proof of engagement. You can even post a live event to your system based on a clickthrough, see our URL Click Forwarding documentation for more details.

To enable and configure URL tracking on your API Space go to the Portal and in the Channels -> SMS section shown below select the Tracking button:

Configuring URL Tracking optionsConfiguring URL Tracking options

Configuring URL Tracking options


How long are tracking URLs?

Tracked URLs will be no longer than 21 characters

Key Points

  • When you enable URL Tracking, your URL will be converted into the form followed by a unique ID for every message that URL is featured in.
  • No two URLs will be the same, so you cannot use a unique URL for any other purpose than in its SMS without skewing your click through results.
  • If you use a secure URL in your message, we will honour that security and replace it with a secure version e.g.{unique ref}
  • Were you to include the same URL more than once in the same message, URL Lead Tracking will not distinguish between them.
  • Tracked URLs will be no longer than 21 characters

Shorten and track all URLs

Enable this option if you want all of your SMS messages scanned for fully qualified URLs e.g. and not and replaced with tracking links

Shorten and track marked URL's

Enable this option if you all of your SMS messages scanned for fully qualified URLs marked with a @ symbol e.g. @ and replaced with tracking links. Any non marked URL's would be left unchanged.


Hi Dave, go to your personalised offer at @ , or find out more at
Hi Dave, go to your personalised offer at , or find out more at

URL Prefix

This option will allow you to prefix a single word in front of the original default shortened URL.

Example of a shortened URL with prefix:{unique ref} where myprefix can be any single word.


Prefixes will increase message lengths!

Please be aware that by adding a prefix, messages lengths will increase which may increase messaging costs.

Custom Domain

This option will allow you to use your own domain for the tracking links. Before you can use your own custom domain you must ensure that you have your custom domain configured to resolve to

There are 2 methods to configure this depending on the domain name you wish to use. Any traffic destined for your custom domain name will be redirected to our servers so this domain must be exclusively used for URL tracking.

For sub-domains e.g. (preferred setup)
Add a CNAME of for your sub-domain e.g. pointing to with your DNS Name server provider.

For root domain names e.g. or
Add an A record of pointing to with your DNS Name server provider.


Ensure your custom domain works before using

Adding the wrong information will cause the tracking process not to work correctly, and break your links. A DNS lookup for your custom domain should return


Our SMS channel has a unique filtering technology that allows you to automatically filter out numbers that are not live, so you only pay for SMS that are delivered. You can either use the historical filter (based on data from your sends) or the live filter (which checks first that the number can receive an SMS). Click

To enable and configure filtering on your API Space go to the Portal and in the Channels -> SMS section and select the Filtering button.

Live Filter

If enabled before sending each message we will perform a live mobile network query (HLR) on the number to check to see if it is “live”. If it is, we will send the message else if it is “dead”, we will not send the message.


Live filtering can increase costs!

You will incur a PNV (Phone Number Validation) charge for every message that we process with the Live filter, so please ensure that you have costed out using this option before enabling.

Historical Filter

If enabled we will filter out any numbers that have been known to be undeliverable or dead in the last 3 months. You will be refunded 50% of the message charge for any number that gets filtered out. Use Historical filtering as a more cost effective way to only send to numbers that are in use.


Enabling both options

If you enable both options we will check the Historical data first and if not dead proceed to do a Live check and send if still live. This configuration can reduce the PNV costs whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

SMS Filtering ConfigurationSMS Filtering Configuration

SMS Filtering Configuration