Understand the jargon we use



Access Token

A JWT used to grant access to APIs.


Contains contact and billing information.  Contains one or more API Spaces

API Space

Partition of the platform, containing isolated configuration and data.  May also have isolated processing.

App Messaging

App / web based two way messaging

App User

The end user interacting with a client SDK


Channel / route to which a message will be delivered, e.g. SMS, App Messaging, Facebook etc.


Related, ordered set of messages with an id and specific set of Participants.


The ability to send push and content into an Inbox inside a customer’s app / web site. (Formally known as Donky)

Messaging API

This is the messaging component of the Enterprise Communications API providing a unified messaging API able to send to any configured Channel, including SMS, Messaging, Inbox, Facebook Messenger.


Someone involved in a Conversation.  May be an App User or a Platform User.

Platform User

Belongs to an account.  Can log in to the portal and perform permitted actions.


Information related to a particular App User or Platform User.  Can contain custom data and can also be used to access message history.


Rules which define the platform functionality, for example which Channel should be used to deliver a message.