Hosting Overview

The Dotdigital Enterprise Communications API infrastructure is designed to be resilient and secure utilizing the latest cloud infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Multi region for maximum resilience
  • Geographically separate data centres
  • Resilient high availability data storage
  • Clustered databases
  • Clustered services for resilience
  • Diverse routing to the internet
  • Scalable
  • Secure TLS Connections

The server environment consists of a blend of Linux and Microsoft operating systems run in a virtualized environment utilizing containers for rapid scaling and deployment.

If you want to understand more about all our platforms hosting please see our trust center

IP Addresses

If you use firewalls to restrict access to your systems from external servers, you might be required to add rules to permit Dotdigital's servers, dependent on what services you use. Details on the IP addresses and ports we use can be found here.

Monitoring Solutions

The following sites can be used to subscribe for alerts and check the current state of our services:

We do have an endpoint that can be polled once a minute to check we are online and this is:

This will return a HTTP 200 response if all is well; if you get 3 consecutive non HTTP 200 responses then we should be considered offline.