Verify Error Codes

The following error codes can be raised by the Verify web service calls:

CountryIsoCodeInvalidCountryIsoCode field is invalid due to not following ISO 3166-1 alpha 3
FromContainsDisallowedCharactersFrom field contains characters outside the GSM character set
FromEmptyFrom field is empty.
FromExceedsMaxNumericLengthFrom field is longer than the maximum numeric length of 15.
FromExceedsMaxTextLengthFrom field is longer than the maximum alphanumeric length of 11.
FromUnderMinTextLengthFrom field is shorter than the minimum alphanumeric length of 2.
FromReservedFrom field is reserved and cannot be used by your account
InsufficientCreditIf your account is pay as you go, this error will be returned if there is insufficient credit on the account to complete the requested operation.
InvalidJsonThe supplied JSON payload is not formatted correctly, e.g. missing required parameters or doesn't conform to JSON format.
ToEmptyTo field is empty
ToInvalidTo field is invalid due to the phone number not being formatted correctly, e.g. too long, too short, not a number.
ValidUntilMinExceededValidUntil field is before the current time and the message cannot be sent
ValidUntilMaxExceededValidUntil field is invalid due to time being more than 30 minutes in the future.
ThrottledMaximum frequency of sending to a single phone number from your account has been exceeded.