Install the SDK

How to install the sdk into your app


Comapi SDK can be installed from either NPM or Bower depending on your intended usage.

If you are integration into a classical javascript project and you just want to include a script that exposes some global objects in your page, then use Bower.

If you are using a project that utilises ES6 modules i.e angular2, ionic2 etc., then use NPM.


Install SDK ...

npm install @comapi/sdk-js-foundation --save

Import into your code and access SDK methods ...

import { Foundation } from "@comapi/sdk-js-foundation"

class MyClass{
    public displayVersion(){
        console.log(`Comapi version: ${Foundation.version}`);


Install package from bower ...

bower install comapi-sdk-js-foundation

Include the script somewhere ...

<script src="bower_components/comapi-sdk-js-foundation/dist/comapi-foundation.js"></script>

There is also a minified version comapi-foundation.min.js available.

For all subsequent classical snippets, I will assume that this script has been included

Access SDK methods ...

console.log("Comapi version: " + COMAPI.Foundation.version);

Use of ES6 Promises

ES6 Promises are extensively used within this SDK. Depending on what browsers you are targeting, you may need to include a poly-fill for this. Several of these are available online.