Getting Message Statuses

To request the current message status for a successfully submitted message simply pass the messageId returned from the send to this web service as detailed above.

The returned data on a successful call will be structured as follows:

messageIdstringUnique id for this message
conversationIdstringOptional conversationId, used to correlate messages within COMAPI and on any external channels, if supported
toobjectSet of identifiers for the message recipient
titlestringThe title to use to describe the message (if supported by the channel and specified in the request)
bodystringThis is the text based body if specified
channelOptionsobjectConfiguration switches for specific channels if specified in the request
customBodyobjectThe custom body object if specified in the original request
metadataobjectThe meta data passed with the send request if specified
sentOnstringDate/Time (in UTC, ISO 8601 format) that the message sent was accepted
statusstringOne of:
statusDetailsobjectSpecific details related to the current status.
expiresOnstringDate/Time (in UTC, ISO 8601 format) that the should expire (if supported by the selected channel)
ruleSetstringThe rule set name if specified
rulesstring[]The channels to attempt for this message, in order of priority if specified in the original request
_createdOnstringDate/Time (in UTC, ISO 8601 format) that the message was created
_createdBystringThe profile id that created the message
_updatedOnstringDate/Time (in UTC, ISO 8601 format) that the message was last updated
_updatedBystringThe profile id that last updated the message


Full API specification

Please see the full API specification for further details about getting statuses with the "One" API

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